Monday, 27 October 2014

[.PDF} Download SSC Exam Form March 2015 Now

We are happy to inform you that we're posting link of Exam form application for Secondary School Certificate Exam For academic year 2015-16.Please Find Below Link.

Following are some undertaking rules for candidates (Class X):

(i) I the undersigned hereby apply for the admission to the SSC EXAM March/September 20…… I
agree to abide by the regulations and all instructions issued by the Board time to time. I am aware of
the scheme of subject combination and examination of the Board approved by the Government and I
agree to abide by the decision of the Board to treated the performance of the subject as cancelled if
wrong combination of subjects if offered. (ii) I have received a copy of the INSTRUCIONS TO THE
CANDIDATE and undertake to abide by them (iii) I have received a receipt of the EXAMINATIO
FORM and EXAM.FEE from the Head of the Institution. (iv) I HAVE NOT PASSED S.S.C.
Examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & higher Secondary Education
or any other equivalent Examination (other than those appearing for Isolated Subject/class
Improvement) of any statutory Board.


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